Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Digital Scrapbook Designer Course!

Coming soon!  I am putting together a list of subjects and classes that I feel will benefit anyone wanting to become a digi scrap designer.  I went through the ranks learning as I went and getting alot of help and now looking back on it I wish that there had been a course that walked me through the process that a designer uses to make a complete kit, how the process of getting hired works, how to market my skills and how about getting a blog? 

There are many many things that are asked but never answered in the designing world when it comes to digital scrapbooking so here it is! 

The first ever ( I think….I hope!) complete course that takes you from wondering how on earth to  make a realistic ribbon to setting up your blog and marketing yourself and getting a job!

Any input or skills/classes you all would like to see be a part of the course please scream it at me while I get this thing together.  Its going to be huge ( I don't mean like I'm going to be a millionaire huge I mean the course is going to be very big with alot of information) with pdf files, word files, design files, freebies to get you started, tips, tricks and most exciting each major component will be covered in a step-by-step VIDEO tutorial!!!!

I am excited I hope you all are too!!!!!



slaving away with carpel tunnel from writing this course LOL



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