Sunday, August 31, 2008

New Challenge!!!

Come check out the new Challenge! Its on from the 31-9th of September. Here is the page kit that you must purchase to participate in the challenge. If you purchase this kit and post a layout you will then get a FREE item!!! Come join in for more "Build a Bonus" fun and a fresh new freebie! Please click on the post title and it will take you to the challenge with more information and how to participate!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Current Challenge Freebie Page Kit!!!

Get this kit for free by participating in my challenge! Hurry its ending in minutes! But if you missed it dont worry it will be in the store soon!

2 Crazy Chicks Chat

Have you checked out the DSP Calendar lately? There is so much to do over at these days! Come join us for lots of fun....and while your there be sure and put a reminder on your calendar to come to the 2 Crazy Chicks Chat with Kerr and Nicole Young! We have a blast every other Tuesday morning at 9:15am EST.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

DSP Blog Prompt: Are women equal? why/why not

This is a toughie really. I find that while I think women are equal in some respects in others they are clearly not. I don't think there will ever be a woman president but I definitely know that there are women who are presidents of companies and that is a growing trend.

I feel like most men assume they can always do the job better and I obviously don't agree with that although I do think there are jobs that are better suited to men like (i know this one first hand) men should definitely be the ones behind those big industrial strength mowers! While a woman can do it, I personally have done it with our 54 inch zero turn walk behind, I will definitely in the future leave that up to the man and not try to be super woman. My body hurt and my hands now have gross callous' because they blistered up holding that beast of a mower back and not letting it run away with me.

In short I think women have come along way but we were intended by God to have certain attributes that make us who we are. All of us have our strong points and we all have our shortcomings but that doesn't mean that we are inferior because we are not men!

Blog Freebie!!!

Heres a freebie! Its a cute set of tags with a cool bonus! I made a string hanger for it so that your tag can look truly realistic and hung off your digital page!

The string has a front and a back so that you can put your tag in between and make it truly touchable! Anyway I hope you enjoy the freebie there will be more to come as I can find time to make them but have every intention of making them regularly now!

If you use them please let me know I would love to see how you use them! Leave me a comment in the chat box with the info. Thanks!

Tag Your It Embellishment Set
Click here to get the set
(you may have to register to download but its free!)


Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Come to the 2 crazy chicks chat tomorrow at DSP at 9:15 am EST. and get this cool plopper for free! There is also a coordinating kit in the store. You can get the kit by clicking HERE

Sunday, August 10, 2008


You can get this kit for free! By participating in my current challenge.


New Kit in the Store!!!

One Wild Child Page Kit

Product Description Below Image


One Wild Child Page Kit

Well, if you have been breathing for more than five minutes on this earth than you know one of these, if your a parent than its likely you have one of these...even if its only for a minute you will surely relate to the wild, funky, and groovy feel of One Wild Child page kit.

Kit includes:

~ 1 Checker board Background
~ 1 green grunge Background
~ 1 pink grunge Background
~ 1 Doodled flourish
~ 1 Doodled paper flower
~ 1 Doodled paper frame
~ 1 Glitter glue coffee stain
~ 1 Heart journaling paper
~ 1 Straight ribbon
~ 1 Round tag
~ 1 Stitched up hearts
~ 1 Wild Child word art

New Kit in the Store!!!

Tea Treasures Page Kit


Tea Treasures Page Kit
Quaint and chic might describe this mish mosh of elements in this fun kit. Peachy fall type colors with deep dark metal give any layout great contrasts from shabby chic to heritage.

Kit includes:

~ 1 Grunge paper Background
~ 1 Paris collage Background
~ 1 Peach crumble Background
~ 1 Stamp collage Background
~ 1 Date ticket stub
~ 1 Journal paper
~ 1 Outer black ornate frame
~ 1 Pieced paper heart
~ 1 Tied up ribbon
~ 1 Laced up rivet frame
~ 1 Laced up rivet frame
~ 1 Old rose tea bag

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