Thursday, January 28, 2010

DSD Course Outline – and music

Those of you that read my blog will know that I have been working on getting a “learn to become a digital scrapbook designer course” together. 

Just wanted to share a bit more information on what to expect in the course so that you can see what things will be touched on within the course. 

Here is a brief outline about the course.  Please note: This is not finished so things may be changed during the process of making the course.

1. Backgrounds

  • solid colors
  • patterned
  • grunge
  • dotted
  • collaged

2. Elements

  • brads
  • ribbons bows
  • journal papers
  • paper strips for journaling
  • hanging items
  • pinned down items
  • folded corners
  • torn edges
  • shapes
  • hand drawn look
  • frames
  • bling bling

3. Word Art

  • regular text
  • text on a path
  • quotes
  • fancy
  • miscellaneous

4. Picking a Color Scheme

  • how many colors?
  • how to choose coordinating colors
  • breaking the rules with color!

5. Working within Photoshop

  • your workspace
  • the  move tool
  • the rectangular marquee tool
  • lasso tool
  • magic wand tool
  • the crop tool
  • the brush tool
  • clone stamp tool
  • pattern stamp tool
  • eraser tool
  • paint bucket and gradient tool
  • blur tool
  • sharpen tool
  • smudge tool
  • dodge tool
  • burn tool
  • pen tool – in detail – multiple lessons on using it
  • text tool
  • path and direct selection tool
  • shape tool
  • eyedropper tool
  • zoom tool
  • working with swatches tool
  • quick mask mode
  • screen modes
  • working with filters – multiple filters – each with its own lesson
  • liquify tool – how mastering it takes time and an overview
  • liquify tool – how its unmatched in its ability to make your elements look real
  • overview of the menus – file, edit, image, layer, select, view, window
  • quick overview of using bridge with Photoshop
  • using the different palettes  - paths, history, actions, channels etc.

6. Working with your kit

  • the process and workflow of designing
  • where to start and how I setup my workspace to begin designing
  • how to file your kits
  • what you need to design
  • saving our backgrounds
  • saving your elements
  • making actions to increase your workflow and save time
  • working with layers

7. What is my style?

  • Finding your design style
  • working outside of that comfort zone of styles

8. Marketing yourself

  • I'm a designer now what?
  • starting a blog
  • give it away and they will come
  • joining top sites
  • being consistent

9. Joining Forces

  • finding a position
  • what to expect when you apply

10. Your done, now what?

  • keep designing!
  • how long till i am there?
  • what's the secret?
  • where do i go from here?

Ok well, that wraps up the course outline so far.  Whew that was a mountain to type LOL.  Hope you find some of this stuff interesting enough to catch a lesson or two! 

Always grateful for any feedback or suggestions.

Oh, and please note, sometimes I have some awesome background music from the 3 yr old. 


She is highly advanced in percussion instruments (banging my wooden spoons on my table and chair while I am recording), as well as highly adept at singing (if you consider being serenaded with twinkle twinkle wittle star, often off key, to be singing.  Hey I do…its my midget. Kapeeesh?) and often times she comes to me wanting to eat something!  The nerve! 

Hellllo, I am working here midget. 

I hope you can forgive the sometimes in the background additions she provides, I do my best to make these videos as high quality as possible but sometimes all my efforts don't pay off and then I overdose on watermelon jolly ranchers and instantly I feel better about the world. 

That’s it.  The end.  I am dead tired.  Goodnight.

hmmm…speaking of jolly ranchers……



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