Saturday, September 29, 2007

Modern Elegance Page Kit Freebie!

I said it may be available in the future and guess what? It is! Grab up this kit with a stuffable envelope, gorgeous pastel hues, and fun ribbon with matching bow.

Get it here and please if you snag it lemme know :)

Another new Page Kit...Turquoise Blues

And here is yet another page kit. This one I call Turquoise Blues, for obvious reasons, because there are lots of blues and multiple elements inlaid with turquoise. This kit is rich with golds and has a stitched ribbon with realistic shadowing making it jump off the page(difficult to see in the preview here). The papers are deeply textured and have plenty of depth of color. To top it off you have a turquoise flourish trimmed in gold. Any thoughts? I hope you like it! Of course any comments or suggestions are welcome.

Girly Grunge Page Kit

Here is another kit I got done. Its called Girly Grunge and I love it. I need to make some more realistic shadows on it to really set it off but I totally love the frayed frame. What do you think? Any comments are appreciated.

Friday, September 28, 2007

Funky Fun Page Kit Freebie

Funky Fun is full of funk and fun! With lots of whimsical elements, funky textured papers, and a large leather hole punched mat you will have lots of fun working with this kit. Note paper has a realistic shadow on it to appear that its crinkled and setting off the page. Enjoy and leave me a comment if you snag it!

Get it here

The Vineyard Page Kit

The Vineyard is inspired by my love of wine and shows its variety with chardonnay colored yellows, burgundy merlots, and deep bordeaux with lots of texture and depth just like a good wine. This kit is versatile and fun with some gorgeous realistic elements.

Rusted Metal Page Kit

Here is the latest kit I have done. Its not up for sale as of yet because I dont yet have a place to call home. I am currently striving for a position at Digital Scrapbook Place and am working with a fantastic designer there to help me along and get ready for that position. Any comments or critiques? Be nice now LOL.

I really strive to not make my kits cookie cutter if you know what I mean. I dont have 12 elements all recolored and 14 papers that arent well thought out. I concentrate on a set number of items in each kit that are high quality and not exact design replicas that have simply been recolored.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

I havent posted lately and wanted to start updating my blog so here are some freebies. I will be adding daily now that I am caught up at home!

Here are some doodles that I hand drew in my artrage program. They are in png format and all on the same file so to use them seperately just use your lasso tool in your program like photoshop and cut them and make them on their own layer and save it as a new file. If anyone needs help just let me know and maybe that can be a new tutorial that I can do.

Do with them what you will. I just ask that you dont use them for profit in any way. Simple right!


Get them here


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