Thursday, January 28, 2010

Have I mentioned…part 1

That I want to homeschool?  And yes, this is part one of three.  Seriously, I talk way too much. 

Yes I know, some of you are oddly staring at your screen wondering what sort of drug I consumed today that would make me want to do such a thing that would literally make you claw the eyes out of your best friends cat, but please know, I am not crazy nor is this a drug induced post.  There are no drugs in my house, extremely potent cough syrup maybe, but no drugs.  I don't condone drugs, don't do em, never have, never will.  I assure you my elevator goes all the way up (most days) and my happy meal is complete with fries and all thank you very much.

I do, I want to homeschool my kiddos.  Let me explain a few things first so we are on the same page.

My kids are 10, 8, and 3. 

Lets start with the 10 yr old boy. 

IMG_7309 copy 3

First born, only son, and has been diagnosed ADHD by several peds since he was roughly 5-6 yrs old.  Quick stint on meds (after much soul searching on my part) proved that meds were NOT going to help child #1.  NO meds on board since…yes some days I need them (I often self-medicate with jolly ranchers) to deal with his exponential amount of ticks, twitches, outbursts, and overall hyper speed walking/stomping he does through my home.

He struggles.  Always has.  He needs a space where he can learn in HIS WAY.  I think child #1 would benefit greatly from HS.  He is very unorganized (gee I wonder where he gets that) but that boy can out read a 6th grader.  Math is by far his most difficult subject with science being his favorite subject. 

Lemme tell you something else, I have not seen one iota of homework for science this year.  This bums me out.  He loves science.  I have only been hammered (well he has) by a huge packet of math and timelines etc. for homework.  I would love to explore this more with him.  Rocks, minerals, planets, solar systems, and space really interest him.  He is all ears and asks 50 questions during any Discovery channel program we watch.  I want to do science more with my son and see him explore that more than feel like I have to constantly bombard him with a subject that he finds so frustrating and self esteem killing.  We try with math but there is only so much you can do in a public school system, either they keep up or they have to take “special” classes for kids that aren't right there in line with the others in his class.  

He often feels singled out for this reason.  I feel for him I really do.  He begs me to be homeschooled.  That in turn does something to my womb.  Then I cry and pout to his father (who doesn’t agree with HS at this point), then I stampede into the kitchen like one of Pioneer Womens cows, and instantly start sifting for some watermelon jolly ranchers.  If that aint self-medicating I don't know what is.

Up next…child #2.  She is all fun and games lemme tell yah. 


The Jolly Rancher Queen


Eva Marina on February 6, 2010 at 12:35 AM said...

I have one son, he is three and I plan to homeschool him. Maybe I should say that I do homeschool him. I've been lucky enough to be a SAHM for almost two years now. My husband sees how advanced my son is and now supports me in my decision of homeschooling. I am currently reading "Homeschooling Take a Deep Breath- You Can Do This!" by Terrie Lynn Bittner. I suggest you read it. Its very informative. Chapter 3 is titled: Convincing Your Spouse, the Grandparents, the Kids and Other Concerned People. Good luck!


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