Friday, January 22, 2010

New Free Video Class coming soon!

I have been steadily working on getting through the course outline for the new Video Classes on how to become a digital scrapbook designer.  Wow is it going to take a while to get this course complete. 

Let me break it down for ya:

The amount of coke zero consumed while at my keyboard should equal a part ownership of the company.  Well, they could at least give me some free stock.

When this is all said and done my dr bills are going to be high due the multiple carpel tunnel surgeries I will have to endure given the 82,368 words per day I am typing. 

I'm going to need major Botox to get rid of the nice number 11 between my eyebrows from constantly frowning at the computer.

The dentist will love my bill because 693,563 jolly ranchers (I only eat watermelon, apple, and cherry.  When I am desperate blue raspberry somehow finds its way to my mouth.  Grape never gets near me unless I am in a state of panic) I will have consumed during the writing of this course will likely rot all the teeth I have right outta my head.

Macaroni and cheese has never sounded so good.

Hotdogs have found their way onto the menu.

my hair need a dye job.

I have FBS = Flat butt syndrome from sitting in this chair for way too many hours.

I  need the laundry fairy. 

Ponytails have taken the place of my flat iron.

Yoga pants and t-shirts are currently what I live in.

See what I do for you cuz I wanna help you?  Not to mention that a lot of the video lessons are going to be free. 

Someone please send a jolly rancher deprived, no makeup wearing, non-laundry doing women something will yah? 

Just kidding.  Just show me some love on my blog by leaving a comment or suggestion for a lesson.  And please become a follower as random followers will be given some goodies!

And no, I didn't forget about the announcement of a new course.  I am not suffering from jolly rancher depravity that bad yet.  The new lesson will be on how to make a paper clip realistically clip together your items of choice.  In this lesson I am using two papers to digitally clip together but it will work for any purpose.  Coursework materials will be downloadable when I post the lesson. 

Happy learning


jolly rancher momma



Taly on January 22, 2010 at 2:07 PM said...

Looking forward to all you have to offer! I know it will be great.


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