Sunday, December 6, 2009

My Niece and Nephew

I love my sister.  It goes without saying.  She has always been one of the most amazing mainstays in my life.  There are so many stories from back in the day when I was young and just wanted to hang out at her house.  She was my idol.  Always tan.  Perfect skin.  Perfect nails.  Perfect hair.  Yeah well, when don't you think your idol is perfect? 

Its been a few years (I refuse to out my age dang it all) and now she is happily the mom of four great kids that I am lucky enough to call my niece and nephews. 

I was so excited when they, the youngest of the four, came to my house over summer break where we built a bonfire, roasted smores, slept in a huge 12 person tent, watched movies on the laptop, and had an overall blast.  They consumed more food in 3 days than we consume in a week, but I just had a freaking blast and always look forward to having them here.  My nephew is a true charmer.  That boy is the epitome of a gentlemen, funny as a kid could ever be, and just an over all amazing boy.  My niece, the only girl, is a force of nature.  She is gorgeous, tan all the time, blonde hair, and truly unique.  I adore them both and enjoy every minute they are here.  I miss them….dear sista….please send your children to my house soon.


We had a quick photo shoot in my house and this was one pic of them that I love.

I will update this post with more pictures soon.  Right now…I have to get going with other things because we are still finishing the bathrooms and carpeting my stairs.  Oh, and now I am going to paint the middle child's room pink. 

What….I say “What” have I gotten myself into? 



aunt (ka-ra-zay) Kerr



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