Saturday, December 5, 2009

All Girl Digital Scrapbook Layout

Its been a while since I have scrapped anything.  You know life gets in the way, you get overwhelmed, or you flat out just dont have the time.  Well after surfing through my computer this mornin I decided I wanted to revisit some of these and decided I would share them.  I have quite a few more that are resting in my external hard drive but I will be posting a few today before getting up to finish remodeling the bathrooms today. 

Here is my baby Selene Brooklyn, aka Mini.  I absolutely adore this picture and this layout.  None of these products are mine. 

I used to work over at DSP and you can find these products in their store.  Feel free to get ideas, copy the layout, switch it up a bit or whatever you want.  I would love to see some of the layouts you fab-u-lous digi-scrappers have done.

Feel free to comment and put up a link to one of your favorite layouts.  I am going to be picking one and showcasing a new layout every couple of weeks. 





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