Sunday, November 1, 2009

PB&J Disaster with some itsy bitsy spider thrown in

This face is a face I love and adore.  I cherish her smile, her little cherub cheeks and even the fact that she refuses to wear clothes.  She literally will wait for me to turn around and go about my business and BAM (my best Emeril impression there) she is nekkad again! 
So here is my beloved little sweetie in a diaper sans clothes (see above :eyeroll:) so happy about he ‘sanwichhh’ that she decided to feed it to her arm, belly, legs, and diaper.  Oh, and what you see her doing there is the song the itsy bitsy spider.  She thought she was soooo coool singing while once again nekkkad (thats naked in Kerr speak) and smiling about the fact that she ate her whole pb&j.


No my child does not always look like this she is rather cute when she leaves her clothes on but alas you try dealing with a three year old and explain that clothes weren’t made to be looked at but to be worn……its a losing battle I fight at least 268 times a day. 
And if your wondering this is what my child looks like when she doesn’t decide to paint herself with her pb&j sanwichhh.

Any ideas on how to get your child to keep their clothes on?  I need em!

Desperately seeking duck tape aka Kerr



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