Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Turkey Day!!!

Well, I must say im slaaaaaaaacking today.  Im a bit tired but hey…got most of the prep work done yesterday.  The MOM is here and she took over and did the early early morning chores (thanks MOM your a dream…err maybe that was a dream anyway).  So now fresh pumpkin pie spices, sweet potatoes (candied yams), and pecan pies are filling my house with the most incredible smell ever.
Happy Thanksgiving to all who celebrate it and pictures will be up later showcasing our feast that I plan on needing a serious trainer to work off those calories. 
By the way, is it even legal to want to consume 32,000 calories in like two days?  You tell me!

Gobble Gobble….my lil turkey dude wants to get a tan so I am going to help him with that.




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